Rise - Persona 4: The Animation





This was my first attempt at cosplaying. So please take it as it is... : )
This all started when my sister's boyfriend was the GM for a Persona 4 RPG. Later he held a cosplay birthday party where you had to dress as a character you had RPGed. Given that I had only played one RPG, where I was Rise, I had no choice but to do her: and I was happy to do just that.
I managed to find an appropriate jacket and skirt in a charity shop and then hand sewed the neck tie, collar and stitch details. I also dyed my hair.
As this was my first Cosplay it is/was far from perfect, but I was very happy with it and it was so much fun to make!
: )


Namine posted on 29 May, 2013 - 17:11
Kool costume :-)