Thor (Rule 63) - The Avengers Assemble 2012





This is a Rule 63 variation of Thor from The Avengers, inspired by the character as it is portrayed in the 2012 movie Avengers Assemble, and consists of a silver corset, black skirt, tights and boots, and a red cape, made from a bed sheet I picked up from the supermarket and spent 4 hours cutting down to size and hand sewing (atrociously!) back together to make it the right length.


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Progress Journal

3rd November 2014

Success! Finally!

The several attempts I made to make the armour using various materials all failed, but I have managed to find a material that has the pattern of Thor's armour printed on it, so hopefully I will have my costume 100% completed in time for City of Heroes next May.

27th February 2014

Done by March? With some luck!

Been a bit of a start and stop with the armour, got frustrated because the glue I was using (Copydex) wasn't sticking the leather to the shirt, so changed to UHU this morning and have been flying through sticking everything together. With any luck I should be able to get finished before I head off on holiday next week.

Once everything is stuck, all I'll have to do is tidy up the sticky mess the Copydex has left behind, which is quite a lot, and I will probably need to get a second shirt and do a completely fresh set for LFCC, only because I'm not happy with how uneven the spaces between each piece looks at the moment, but for one night at Supernatural con it will do as it is.

17th February 2014


Got the bracers finished. Took longer than I expected, and I had to add a leather to strengthen them, but they're done, completely, because if I spend anymore time looking at them then I'll keep finding things that need altering.

Changed my mind about what material I wanted to use to make up the armour, literally the morning I was planning on starting it all. So that was about 3 hours of prep down the drain, but the new material looks a lot better, and I've made up the time I lost on preparing the last batch by recruiting my sisters to help cut the pieces out of the new material.

The new play is to be done by the end of this week (by Feb 22nd)and if I can keep up the pace I set today, I should get finished by then.

13th February 2014

Updating Costume

After looking at the costume properly I've decided to make some tweaks/additions/upgrades to it, to make it more wearable/warmer/less boob-y.

So far I've only got the bracers made, but the eventual plan, which shouldn't take long once I've got all the pieces cut, is to have the armour made for my arms, and the cape attached in a more permanent fashion.

The corset is working, and looks alright for now, so that won't be changed, but the plan is to layer it over a black tank top, and use a small shrug to be the basis of the armour. The body of the shrug can be hidden by the cape, and the arms work as a great starting point for layering the armour, which will be built using small square/diamond shapes cut out of grey leather/leatherette.

I've found a more suitable skirt than the layered one, so the lower half of the costume will be sleeker, and the heeled boots are being swapped for flats, more for comfort and practicality than appearance.

I think that's all the planned changes. The plan is to be done in time for Asylum 12 in May, and then for LFCC in July, so fingers crossed.