Isshin Kurosaki (Soul Reaper) - Bleach

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24th August 2013

semi completed.

There aren't going to be many, if any WIP for this one. It has been my first attempt at sewing anything from scratch. And to be honest, I'm quite proud of it.

The Hakama, and kimono were made from following a guide on line. If anyone wants a link, either pm me, or I'll probably add it to here when I remember to. I can't right now as I'm at work, without my laptop. It's so super simple though, Japanese people use to just use rectangles to make clothing, and then use ties to shape it. So it consisted of finding the right dimensions for myself, cutting them out, sewing them together and that was pretty much it.

I just need to make the zanpakuto, and add the detailing to his cape now.