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AbzFest 2014 best lookalikey


USED: MCM Expo May 2013. (black outfit/rainbow unicorn)
- Watching Mr and Mrs (white shirt)
- Swindon Gig July 2013 (black outit/rainbow unicorn) ABZ MET the REAL ABZ!
- some videos and photos (various)
- York gig August 2013 (camo outfit/aerosoul) MET REAL ABZ
- Celebrity Big Brother lauch night(female) September 2013.
- watching Celebrity Big Brother finale on TV (white shirt/unciorn)

- Abz hat/cap collection grow now time to do a lot of photos Septmeber2013
- Mr and Mrs with my Vicky and Abz MCM October 2013.
- RAbz at London gig (GreatestHitsTour) 4th December 2013
- Abilvion (Abz Superhero cameo) October MCM Expo 2014
. - jokingly did or of the dress up tasks from big brother house for halloween. Abz with basically a jackson5 outfit.
- Abz mentioned me on the Wright Stuff tv show, what he said meant I had to look a like to AbzFest - Given award for best look alikey. I didn't want to costume. but am glad the secret plans with his family worked and made some people smile. Thanks dude. July 2014.

I NEED A SCOTT, SEAN AND RICHIE PLEASE, J is welcome too.......... xD

People laugh when they see my cd collection, or my MP3 player. Or the facts sometimes I'm still seen wearing my old tour t shirts... Well, now the boys minus J are back I decided to reach back to my young teen days and revamp my Abs costume.

I put this up a few months back, I wasn't sure about it... now I've started so here I go..............

Mungojerrie posted on 29 May, 2013 - 22:20
Omg Ruth you are my hero <3

FlyingMammal posted on 30 May, 2013 - 09:08
thank youuuu Holz hehe, I rushed changing from Sid into Abz and totally messed up on day, but enjoyed and felt more comfortable than I should have. tehe

NatalieNoodles posted on 11 August, 2013 - 22:51
This is amazing!! Can't believe you met him! ^-^ you totally deserve it <3

FlyingMammal posted on 12 August, 2013 - 21:08
wearing the new outfit to show on sunday hehe aww thank you so much Nat xxx I've now lived my dreams. :) he's great, he really is <3

8th August 2013


http://flyingmammal.wordpress.com/2013/07/28/abz-shes-even-got-my-hat-big-summer-session/ - my blog about my Abz meeting THE Abz

8th August 2013

New outfit

almost ready for PopFest, York next weekend. I found a new way to do the tattoos, though I can only use the method for the hands as the others would take too long to do on the day. So I have remade the neck and arm tattoo with latex. I did less layers and it seems a lot nicer.We will see. I have a scarf incase the neck ones mess up, I can just cover them up and it will be warmer. It's ment to rain again so I'm going to get a waterproof jacket. I think my walking one is too big to carry really and actually I thought I might get a camoflage one so it's a similar look to his stage jacket and his big furry coat, though... maybe too much camo with the backpack. Yup, I'm going for his at the moment stage wear. Knowing my luck he won't be wearing it this time. ;) haha. I've got the hat, white tshirt, scarf and bag. I have ordered and pray that the braces arrive on time and then I will get some trousers or use the black ones I already have for Tegan that I have been using for Abz. I need a new earring as the one from my ear disappeared from the time I met Abz to the time I got to the car. No idea and the spare in my pocket disappeared too.

22nd July 2013


a random chain of about 20 people started RT'ing, fav'ing and commenting on my Mr and Mrs photo hehe. Even Mummy Abz said I almost fooled her. Another comment from Abz girlfriend, and loads of 5ivers being so supportivve, a I cosplaying Abz to the show on Saturday in Swindon. 5ivers even coming to an extra show on the December tour just to get photo with my cosplay - WOW!!! Today I made new latex tattoos and beard. After 4 uses the first ones are very yukky.

12th June 2013

abz birthday video.

so i decided to make abz a birthday video... noted.

8th June 2013


NOTES TO SELF; trousers: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BNWT-NIKE-MENS-ORANGE-ACG-ALL-CONDITIONS-GEAR-TROUSERS-CARGO-SHORTS-WAIST-32-/130908232024?pt=UK_Men_s_Trousers&hash=item1e7abd1958 ???

5th June 2013

Mr and mrs

Abz and Vicky were on all star mr and mrs tonight. Fivers have been waiting for this for a few weeks or more. Earlier a preview photo was seen by my eyes and I could resist. My niece was here and she told me I HAD to do this... Yup, white shirt, tie, abz a go go. The photos were taken at start of show so no spoilers, unless you really didn't want to see what he was wearing. Sorry if you find that a spoiler.

1st June 2013

What I did....

bought the hat, tshirt, wig, earring, trousers were for Tegan, DMS, random chains, bandana and erm I think that's it I already had. I went through a LOT of images to try and figure out which tattoos I could realisticly do. I ended up deciding on 4 of them. I did a few layers of liquid latex on a plastic a4 wallet, draw on the tattoo with marker pen, went over a couple more times in latex. On day, I took them off, not forgetting talc, cut them neater and stuck on skin with spirit gum and latex over the top. Oh and styled the wig, tried to cut it but yeah, didn't work, will get my friend to do it sometime. Also using latex, kakalon hair and paint I added beard and stubble. Earbrows, a bit of makeup and binding.. there we have it. Just got a nice comment from his girlfriend, aww thanks :)

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