Magolor (Gijinka) - Kirby's Adventure Wii

Status :Complete
Worn At :MCM London Comic Con October 2014


Ah... At last, it's mine!

Limitless Power

Magolor and Masked Dedede

A Visitor from Afar

I'm so, so thankful for all your help!

Gijinka Design



The ongoing quest to make Kirby cosplay A Thing continues! Magolor's adorable.
I was going to participate in the mini-masquerade with this costume but various disasters on the day meant that didn't really happen. Plus the Master Crown broke several times during the day.
I repaired the crown and rewore the costume to Birmingham in March 2015!


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Progress Journal

Tunic progress (Posted 9th October 2014)

Added the tabard and gear patterns to the tunic and hood and also attached the hood to the tunic!

Hood progress (Posted 7th September 2014)

Made the hood and attached the ears! I still need to cut the gear patterns into the yellow fabric but I need some bondaweb-type stuff before I can do that. Also made the mask!

Cape almost finished! (Posted 29th August 2014)

The cape just needs attaching to the collar, then it's done! It's about 2/3rds of a circle skirt with lining and trim. The buckle's just a small Worbla thingy.

Master Crown complete! (Posted 28th August 2014)

It looks so much better with actual paint on it.

Master Crown started! (Posted 22nd August 2014)

[thought i might actually use this function for once]
Made the base for the Master Crown! It needs painting and then I can attach a gem to the front.