Cosplayer: Arami Heartilly

Variant: military uniform

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

AyaCon 2013

Shinigami_ky avatar

Shinigami_ky - 8th August 2013
This is looking so cute! I can't wait to see it, what day are you doing it?

Arami Heartilly avatar

Arami Heartilly - 9th August 2013
On the friday, I'll have an England and an America in the same style with me ^^.

Shinigami_ky avatar

Shinigami_ky - 9th August 2013
oh awesome! If you're free about twelve-ish we're planning a hetalia meet up/shoot, meeting at the rootes building.

Arami Heartilly avatar

Arami Heartilly - 9th August 2013
Cool, i'll let the others know and try to be there at that time!

Shinigami_ky avatar

Shinigami_ky - 10th August 2013
I'll definitely keep an eye out even if we don't catch you then, I'd love to get pictures!

Panda123 avatar

Panda123 - 17th April 2015
Hi! Thanks so much for commenting on my fem!Canada cosplay. I really love your Military Hungary outfit, and the group photos are fantastic! So sad I missed this in person at Aya, but you all look great :D