Hungary (Warrior from Healia Arte Stella) - Hetalia


Amecon 2012




From the Healia Arte Stella art book on the suggestion of RobinRocks i decided to do Warrior Hungary (Or Fanservice Hungary as she also became known.)

There is only 1 reference picture for this as it hasn't been drawn since (to my knowledge) So i did the best i could and went with it. My sister helped me with putting the adapted corset together and many thanks goes to my friends RobinRocks and also Safe for Panda's for help getting in and out of it.

The sword is my Utena sword but looked far nicer than the one in the picture. Everything else was made by me (Minus the shoes). I love this costume and it is one of my favourites. Given that I keep doing Hungary's costumes i now have 2 wigs to use and lots of flowers!


KC-HOME posted on 5 May, 2013 - 21:20
wow !! I like this ♥ It's really good ! especially the armour parts are just awesome ! I like ♥