Jolteon - Pokemon




I've always wanted to cosplay Pokemon! I've been such a pokemon fangirl for years and years now it just seems right. I chose this particular pokemon because I though I was going to be doing a group cosplay of eevee evolutions with some of my mates but they pulled out last minute which was really rather irritating for me... D<
The easiest part was the skirt since I simply cut a circular piece of material out. o///o It doesn't look too shabby though and so I was pleased I didn't have to hem it or adjust it too much once I'd cut it.
The hardest part was the insaane ruffles that Jolteon has! I mean... what was I thinking? :P They were also rather hot to wear and the fluff went EVERYWHERE. And I mean everywhere... I still find part of it months later. :P
I learnt from this experience to try and pic cosplays that aren't insanely fluffy because it can be rather warm to wear, even in October! Also, I should consider how I'm going to make things before I buy materials because I bought rather too much of some fabrics and not quite enough of others just because I hadn't really considered what I was doing...


Toshi-chan posted on 19 April, 2009 - 14:24
WOWIES ^.^ this is gonna be epic can't wait to see it in all its fluffy fur coated glory xD

Elyiel posted on 19 April, 2009 - 14:43
Awesome! Jolteon was always my favourite Pokemon! Can't wait to see this ^^