Abbey Bominable
Monster High

Cosplayer: Star-Valo

Variant: Basic

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

AyaCon 2013

3rd July 2013: Tusks! I made tusks!

They're not right though, but it's a step, I'm ordering more of the stuff I used to make them 'cos I'm gonna use it for Operetta's Mask too
so hopefully then I can gt some decent looking Tusks that don't hurt my jaw when I wear them

2nd July 2013: Sadly, the wig is awful For the first time, I've hit a bad wig.
It's so thin, the wefts are clearly visible through the back of the wig, even when I add on Abbey's Headband, the wefts on the back of my head are very prominent

I'm watching another wig, but sadly, I've now got a rather... useless wig lying about that cost me a tenner...

11th June 2013: Rollin' on this one Abbey is almost complete actually, the biggest thing I need now is her wig

I bought the child's Abbey Bominable costume on Discount at a local Costume shop. It was the last one there, but it was half price, so I grabbed it.

I've cut the straps and it fits me much better now. It needs taking in at the back to fit me better, but other than that, it's perfect.

the Arm and leg warmers need a re-do because they're a bit too short but they're not urgent.

Biggest thing i need to sort now is her wig, leggings and various accessories.

So abbey is going to be my evening cosplay on the Saturday of Ayacon, because I can't party in Princess Cadence's wedding dress :P

DarkShine Cosplay avatar

DarkShine Cosplay - 24th June 2013
Ah this is ace :D How are you gunna do her skin? (if you are ^.^) I really want to do Frankie but not sure how I should go green lol

Star-Valo avatar

Star-Valo - 24th June 2013
I'm probably not going to go blue lol. The Abbey cosplays I've seen where the cosplayers have painted themselves blue all seem to have the wrong shade for Abbey, so I'm planning on just paling down slightly with some white foundation.
I'm not that confident in my body painting at the moment, so I'm going to just pale myself down for Abbey (and Operetta) for the time being :3 My skin colour not matching the dolls hopefully won't detract from my cosplay at all ^^

puzzledpenguin avatar

puzzledpenguin - 25th June 2013
Looking really good. I really love Abbey's design. Your boots are gorgeous.

DarkShine Cosplay avatar

DarkShine Cosplay - 5th July 2013
Ah coolies, yeah that shouldn't be a problem, I might do similar thing :D It's looking really good tho, also maybes add the wefts of bad wig to new one if you can do that sorta stuffs ^.^