Fionna - Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake


AyaCon 2013


My friends are doing a big Adventure Time group for Ayacon and I was really stuck on who to be. Fionna won the popularity poll so Fionna it is! This should be a really fun and easy cosplay! ^_^

InfiniteJester posted on 1 May, 2013 - 06:54
I really think you'll suit her!

Freyarule posted on 1 May, 2013 - 13:09
Squeeee! When were you planning the group for as I can bring my LSP cosplay? (Unless you already have one which is fine <3)

BladeyCakes posted on 5 May, 2013 - 21:54
Oooh can't wait to see this! 8D Adventure Time <3

MadameLapin posted on 22 August, 2013 - 19:50
You look well sexy in this cosplay! I seriously think you suit it so much, brilliant Fionna :D

Freyarule posted on 22 August, 2013 - 21:14
You made such a great Fionna! I loved it <3

TheStarlightFairy posted on 22 August, 2013 - 21:26
So gorgeous <3

sjbonnar posted on 24 August, 2013 - 16:34
Utterly perfect!

Leolarua posted on 4 September, 2013 - 00:00
you really do suit fionna! perfect

ShingLang posted on 27 November, 2013 - 22:56
You look amazingly adorable, you portray her really well!

Greenstar88 posted on 10 December, 2013 - 23:04
you look amazing in this costume!! really cute :)

nanahara posted on 5 April, 2014 - 21:29
sooooooooooo adorable

14th July 2013

Cosplay Progress

All that really needs doing is to line the skirt (it’s wayyyy too thin), paint the socks and cut the wig a little. UGH I FEEL SO UNCOMFORTABLE IN THIS. SO FIGURE HUGGING. UGH. I like my hat though…? :3

7th July 2013


Backpack is done! It is pretty derpy but it works as an actual backpack so that'll be handy. ^^ I used this helpful tutorial as a guide :) http://xmoonlilyx.deviantart.com/art/Finn-s-backpack-PATTERN-PIECES-330763895

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