2D - Gorillaz





the 2D cosplay's quite easy according to me.

i started off with buying black scleralenses online...gah, these lenses sure are expencive... but it's worth it.
i also bought a bottle of tooth blackout.
my mom bought me a green T-shirt which i painted the phrase "TAZAR YOOT" on in art class.
i already had grey jeans that were perfect :3
i ended up buying a new pair of converse... just cus i can... they're red C:
as a present my mom also bought me a blue wig i wanted. unfortunaly i was quite unsatisfied when it arrived...cus it was the wrong one... but i decided to keep it and later on i styled it.
it turned out fine. a little to short in the back but that doesnt really matter.
i will buy a new wig later that's a shade lighter and a little bit longer.

i always loved gorillaz. the artstyle, the music, everything. the favourite character have always been 2D so when i got into cosplaying i thought why not.
plus i love the lenses!

the hardest part was getting the print on the shirt right.
the easiest was buying all the stuff XD well perhaps not for mom, but for me :P

this is my firt compete cosplay, from it i've learned how to put in the lenses and how to spike and style a wig.



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