Kairi - Kingdom Hearts I




My friend recently got into cosplay after I took her to London MCM Expo October 2012 and she has always been a fan of the Kingdom Hearts games. Hence, she decided that she wanted to cosplay as Kairi (especially since her hair is already somewhat similar!). She provided the materials (and is the one modelling the cosplay) and I provided the sparse sewing knowledge and endless patience for foam crafting!

The skirt and underskirt were made from a lilac bed sheet, fastened with hook and eyes. I used metallic purple paint (cheap stuff) to do the details of the flowers on the hem of the skirt. The buttons for the belt loops were made from foam and the detail was done in black felt tip pen. The same foam was used for the arm and wrist bands and we sewed Velcro into them as a method of fastening (not my best idea ever; it's kind of hard to sew velcro and foam together). Hemmed and re-hemmed two vest tops, one white and one black, and re-edged them with purple and white respectively.


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