Kanaya Maryam

Cosplayer: LimeyPie

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

5th May 2013: More waiting I have now ordered everything I need online, I also have being shopping so There is only a couple of things left for me to get now. But yes, I have it all planed and all set out now. So it should all be done on time also the image attached to this journal is my work in progress of the horns with my light clay coming from online which should arrive soon to cover the tinfoil ones here in this pic.

28th April 2013: Waiting Okay, so hopefully I can get this done on-time for MCM! Cosplaying as Kanaya is defiantly going to be great fun especially with my friend going as Rose (I will probably update with pictures of us both when we complete them later on.) Right now I am just waiting for the wifi to be soughed out so we can arrange over skype to meetup and buy all are cosplay things.