Kurisu Makise

Cosplayer: Silvermane

Variant: Lab coat

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

3rd August 2015: Kurisu contacts The contacts are here.

Shirt was re-made, bought jackets, new wig, styled new wig... gotta iron everything for a full test next weekend!!

16th August 2013: Progress (Sorry for it being so blurry, will take better pictures in the future)

Added shorts, tights and belt.

Belt needs colouring gold, shirt still need modification etc....

15th August 2013: Progress Not much but its some of the basics, shirt (Needs the additions of a pocket and the blue bits via ribbon) tie (unsure about the colour) and lapcoat (Had an extra pocket but since it is my uni labcoat I don't want to alter it much).

12th August 2013: Progress As expect the wig was far from perfect, it was brown (No red at all)

So I'm slowly sharpie dying red tones into the wig.
This will take a while...

26th July 2013: Progress Purchased wig, *fingerscrossed that it looks as good as its stock images*


Note: it wasn't D: