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Initially an excuse to buy that beautiful duty holster, I saw it as a great opportunity to appease the inner cowboy in me while working on something current for my first real foray into cosplaying.


Dax79 posted on 18 May, 2013 - 20:00
Looking Good!

Mr Sue Denim posted on 20 May, 2013 - 17:36
Thanks! The costume's starting to come together, just need to get everything on the shirt.

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Progress Journal

Finito (Posted 25th May 2013)

And with that the costume is complete!

Shirts Complete (Posted 24th May 2013)

Here's both the undershirt and the deputy shirt. I tea-stained the undershirt and misted some dark brown over the neck area. I only focused on what you could see under the deputy shirt.

The sleeves were cut to length and hemmed in place. Patches were ironed on, taking care to match the placement between epaulettes and sleeve length with screenshots. Then I dabbed extremely watered down acrylic onto sweat points (neck/collar, armpits, bottom of pockets, middle back) and added more depth with an airbrush. You can't see the wear that well in the photo but I took a less-is-more approach.

Customised Name Plate (Posted 19th May 2013)

Trimmed the name plate to size with a dremel and then filed the edges to stop me killing myself on sharp edges. It now sits more accurately on the pocket.

Hat Complete (Posted 14th May 2013)

Finished the hat. I steamed the hat over the kettle to slightly reshape the brim. I used Simply Spray Saddle Brown Upholstery paint to darken the hat, but found it came out as a mid-chocolate brown rather than a dark brown, so I took some heavily watered down acrylic paint in an airbrush to darken it up. Time will tell if the paint runs in rain. I don't think acrylic will though.

I bent the star points back again as I did with the cheapo badges although this was a considerably stronger alloy and I had to make use of the gas hob to make the metal more pliable.

Name Plate (Posted 4th May 2013)

Picked up the name plate today and found out he'd provided me with a spare. By the end of this project I may very well have two Grimes outfits! They're a bit on the larger side, but I can trim them with a dremel if it starts bugging me.

Campaign Cords (Posted 3rd May 2013)

Ordered a hat cord from a cavalry store. I enquired about which length would best suit the hat and got a 'just in case' spare for the price of one. Another money-back eBay venture!

Screen Accurate Badge/Collar Pins (Posted 29th April 2013)

While I already have two perfectly acceptable badges and series 2 Rick has no need for collar pins, I saw a deal on eBay which resulted in me getting a $40 badge and $13 collar pin for £15. I'll sell one of my old badges for that price on eBay and get my money back, so win!

Hat (Posted 29th April 2013)

Trawled eBay for a while looking for a cheap cattleman style hat. Saw some great options from overseas but with overpriced shipping. I eventually settled on a cheapish hat with reasonable shipping. I'll have to dye the brown darker though by the looks of the picture.

Watch? (Posted 21st April 2013)

I can't decide whether I should go for this or not. It's a Sekonda watch for £16. It's a close enough copy to Rick's, but is it worth buying a watch that will only see use for this costume? Especially since I already have a watch I wear and love. I also have spindly skinny-guy wrists so it might sit quite slack. Decisions...

Customised Deputy Badges (Posted 18th April 2013)

I carefully bent the star points back with a pair of pliers and added a yellow glaze to the silver, excluding the centre seal. Then I scuffed them with sandpaper to give the worn impression. All they need now is a gloss clear coat over the paint. (Note one badge came without the 'Sheriff' text inked so I had to add that myself which is why one looks a bit rough)

Name Plate Enquiries (Posted 16th April 2013)

Went to a local engravers in Sheffield today to see what he could do. He seemed pretty confident he'd be able to match it up to the reference pictures I gave him.

Deputy Patches (Posted 12th April 2013)

The patches I see everyone using from eBay. The brown is a bit light; I may darken it later if I can do some precision dyeing. I haven't decided yet, but the size and quality is pretty much spot on.

Deputy Badges (Posted 8th April 2013)

I wasn't willing to go for the £50 option, especially given I needed two so I went cheap. Very screen-inaccurate but I plan to customize them quite a bit.

Deputy Shirt (Posted 8th April 2013)

UK based, I couldn't justify spending so much money on the Quartermaster store shipping for the shirt, so I trawled through eBay again. The best deal came with a long sleeved tan/brown shirt in my size. I'm going to have to cut the sleeves to size and hem them up and also remove a concealed zipper on the inside so I don't have to button up all the front buttons.

Colt Python (Posted 2nd February 2013)

Or rather a S&W Model 586. Finding an airsoft 6" barrel Colt Python with wood grips is impossible in the UK so I had the dilemma of choosing between a Python with black moulded grips and the 586 with wooden grips. Since the gun will spend most of it's time in the holster, I went with the wood grip option.

Duty Belt (Posted 2nd January 2013)

EBay provided me with the duty belt along with all the bells & whistles which was cheaper than if I bought them all separately. The buckle is brass rather than chrome and it doesn't include a speed-loader pouch but it looks the part and comes with a 6" swivel holster. I don't have the heart to cut the bottom off the holster as in the show.

Stuff I Own Already (Posted 1st January 2013)

- George white tshirt
- Loblan cowboy boots
- LTB slim fit blue jeans
- A wedding-ring-like ring
- Primark fake leather black belt