Konata Izumi (Winter Uniform) - Lucky Star





I loved Lucky Star the first time around and I'm watching it for a second time and it's just as amazing.

I was tempted to cosplay Miyuki as my body type suits her better (I also really want a pretty pink wig) but Konata is still my favourite character that I couldn't not cosplay her. She was one of the first people I cosplayed (coughbadlycough) so I think it's only right that 3 years on I cosplayed her properly.

Going for a ridiculously long wig just like her hair in the anime and the Winter Uniform to start, though I'll probably end up doing both anyway!

Unsure if I'll make the uniform or just buy it, I'd like to attempt it but my skills are still so very bad and I'd like to be able to wear the outfit more then once.

No set date yet as I am stone cold broke 8D


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