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At the beginning of the year I joined a Steampunk group in Manchester. I have always loved the designs and really wanted to have the chance to make something. For one of the events/jaunts I put together some basic goggles.

They are a prop customisation from an existing set of toy goggles as I didn't have time to make any from scratch. I first wore them to the Manchester Underground Tunnel event and was really pleased with how they looked. I am planning on making some more Steampunk themed things in the future.


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Progress Journal

13th February 2013

Adding the final touches,

I added the remaining cogs and then let it dry over night ready for painting the next day.

13th February 2013

First stage

The goggles had a lift up lenses section that I thought would work for what I had in mind. I decided to add most of the detail to that.

I cut out two circles from the metal fencing and placed on the lenses. I adjusted them to fit and then glued them down. I then let the glue dry.

I then started to add the cogs to various points of the goggles.

13th February 2013

Setting up the materials.

I found some basic toy army goggles in a local fancy dress shop that I thought would make an excellent base. I then brought some craft cogs from a local craft shop. In my craft supplies I had some small metal fencing that I thought would make an excellent effect on the lenses.

I planned out roughly how I was going to make it work. These won't be amazingly detailed but I'm hoping to get the right look for them.