Scootaloo (Gijinka) - My little pony: Friendship is magic





My favorite character from MLP! She's so cute. Meant for a later group cosplay with my buds as Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom.

My original designs for the group can be seen here:

This is probably the least amount of sewing I've ever done for a cosplay, as most items were purchased/altered.


Shirt: Purchased from eBay.

Overalls: Bought a pair of white overalls from eBay, custom dyed them with Rit Dye in Sunshine Orange. Came out brighter than expected, so also ran it through the washer with some Rit Color Remover to fade it a little.

Socks: eBay purchase.

Shoes: Also from eBay, but were originally a gray plaid. Painted them with acrylic paint + fabric medium to match Scootaloo's body color. Replaced the original black laces with white ones.

Wings: Made from scratch, after much studying of pictures of Yaya Han's excellent foam pegasus wings.
Cut the wing pieces from yellow foam and painted them the same color as the shoes. Each wing had a front and back, so there were 4 wing pieces all together. 8, if you count the smaller detail piece. To get the paint to stop soaking into the foam, I sprayed them with clear spraypaint to 'firm up' the surface.
Once painted, I glued the two pieces of each wing together, leaving an unglued section at the base of each wing to slide it onto the support.
The wing support was made from an old hanger that I snipped the hook of and bent into a squared-off U shape. The tips of the U were bent into hooks and then angled outward to slide the wings onto. The wings are removable for easy storage, but hold themselves on the support fairly well.
The support attaches easily with straps made of elastic. I bought the elastic in a color that would match my shirt.

Wig + Tail: Purchased from Epic Cosplay Wigs in 'Raspberry Pink.' I attempted to custom dye the wig to a more purply-pink color with the FW Ink method, but apparently this type of wig fiber doesn't take color very well, and it ended up with only the slightest of tints after 3 rounds of spraying. Ah, well, it was good practice. The tail is a clip-on ponytail, which clips easily to one of my belt loops in the back. I trimmed a few inches off the end of the ponytail (the end was curly, and I wanted it shorter anyways).

Cape: The only sewing I really had to do for this cosplay was the cape. The main cape and it's gold lining are made of cotton, while the insignia is made of blue felt and cream flannel.
No pattern was used, I simply cut a half circle with the length I wanted and sewed on the tie for the neck afterwards.
I got the insignia just perfect by printing out a 5-inch vector of the logo (thanks, Google Images!) and cutting that out for my pattern. The insignia is held on with 2-sided fusible web, because I was too lazy to stitch the whole thing down. I went around the outside with some dark blue embroidery floss to give it that 'haphazardly-stitched-on' look.

Makeup/Accessories: Pretty simple. I mostly just color my eyebrows in hot pink, slap on some mascara and wear a neutral lip color - Scootaloo's a kid, after all, she wouldn't be too heavy on the makeup.
I also wear a sports bra to flatten my chest - helps with the 'kid' look. Besides, the overall bib comes up to just under my bust, and when I tried it with my everyday bra, it looked sort of indecent to have them 'spilling out' over the top. Flat it is!


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