Sweet Lolita
Lolita Fashion

Cosplayer: Suri

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

30th April 2013: Buttons and Hair Today I was on bed rest so I managed to sew the rest of the buttons onto my shirt. Yay! Before they were round cream ones, but now they are pink flowers ^0^

I also decided that I am going to pin curl my wig. I'm going to do a test run on a bit of it tonight and see how it works, and if it does then I will be putting the rest of the wig up in pin curls. Yay! I trimmed the fringe on the wig, and now it looks a lot better. My hairdresser taught me how to 'feather'. So I tried it out on the edges, and they look much softer now, and not so 'unprofessional'.

27th April 2013: Shoes Fixed My Dad took my shoes to the cobbler today and tried to get a new buckle, but he couldn't. However, I've transferred the buckle from my black shoes, so I can just swap them over when I'm not wearing the other pair ^0^

25th April 2013: Lolita START! Well, my Dad told me yesterday he's taking me and my sister to Japanorama... After much squeeling, I set to deciding on an outfit! I decided in the end to go with a sweet lolita co-ord. I have everything that I need, I just need to get one of my shoes fixed. I have... nine days to get it all together? I'm sure I'll do it in time!