Jin - Samurai Champloo


Possibly my cheapest cosplay ever because I realised I already have half the stuff I need to do him, and the other half I'm borrowing from a friend. Thank god for all the random hakama and kimono/gi I've had to make over my cosplaying career!

With x-Blade-x as Mugen and mskitty as Fuu at Hyper Japan 2014.

BladeyCakes posted on 25 April, 2013 - 00:43
<333 I will add Mugen soooooooooon x'D But yes these guys for whenever! I reckon they'd be mucho fun 8D glad you've already got a big chunk hun! Always a good start!

BladeyCakes posted on 29 July, 2014 - 17:16
Urgh. Nerd <3

MadlyScientific posted on 11 November, 2014 - 12:55
This suits you so much! I love the glasses :3

Add red tie to hakama
Alter blue gi
Black hakama (re-use)
Wig (re-use)

Total cost: £0.00

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