The Doctor (The 11th Doctor) - Doctor Who Series 7




This is the 11th Doctor outfit from the Doctor Who episode 'The Angels Take Manhattan'. This outfit itself is considered to be my first exact/precise outfit as I managed to purchase each part of the outfit which matched the one seen in the episode itself. I would say that the most hardest of clothing I had to track down was the Tweed Jacket, which is basically the only expensive part of the outfit itself. I'd also say the shoes where quite tricky to find but after spending days searching online I'd found them. When I wore it at the Winter Memorabilia 2012 at Birmingham I actually felt like the Doctor, which I for one enjoyed being asked for photos with other brilliant cos-players. This is the outfit which I will be wearing for the Milton Keynes 'Collectormania 19' and the MCM Expo in London.


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