Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

Cosplayer: LemonPanda

Variant: Normal

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

30th April 2013: Dress complete! I went to fabric shop to get some other things for a friend, ended up buying Mor's stuff and making it as soon as i got in :B Used calico for the dress and muslim for the belt/thing :>
I'm actually REALLY happy with how it turned out, considering i literally just jumped in with no planning :B Spent around an hour making ittt~ seemed like longer because I got horribly distracted at one point :B

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InfiniteJester - 30th April 2013
Oh, you're one of the Morgiana's in the fb group I think? (I'm one of the Aladdins). Thanks for your comment on my Shou btw!

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LemonPanda - 30th April 2013
ahh i amm!~ :> Just joineddd~ xD eeeeeeee<3 aladdin I literally love him ; 3 ; I apolagise for any fangirling :B He's a cayootpatootie :B

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InfiniteJester - 1st May 2013
Can I be a pain and ask what your name is on there? There are so many Mor's I tend to get them confused :S

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LemonPanda - 1st May 2013
Ahaha sure im Nikitaaa!~ :3 yes there's an army of us :B

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KiraraYumi - 1st May 2013
PERFECT MOR!! Dat bubbling ;D

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LemonPanda - 4th May 2013
KeKeKeKe bubble~bubble!!!~ xD

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racerabbit - 30th May 2013
Heya! I saw the Magi group this expo! So many Mors XD well im planning on being a Mor too in October :) Could you tell me how you did the knot at the back? That is the part im most baffled about, thanks :)

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nanahara - 14th June 2013
you look great as Morgiana ^^

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LemonPanda - 14th June 2013
Oh god the knot :> I explained it to my friend really badly once :'D
BASICALLY theres no sewing involved anywhere, Its just wrapped around mah bod, Then Once tied, then I used a bobble to like, Half bun/ponytail it? Like through the bobble once, then only a little of the material through it second...Its really ghetto tbh Bur worked and seems more accurate then And if the hook and eyes/sewing ideas i had xD

Awh thankkkss!!~

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No thanks - 18th June 2013
aw you make the best morgiana!

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LemonPanda - 19th June 2013
Uwah * 3* Thank youu!!~