Yukimura Sanada
Gakuen Basara

Cosplayer: BakaBakaRangers


Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

8th July 2013: Technically complete! I'm saying that the buttons can be added whenever, to be fair, so the jacket is technically complete without it.
Also, the coins on the back...ahhhhhhh...technically not needed, but I have time to add them if I want to/if I need to. Concept art says that they actually didn't intend for the coins to be on the back, as it made Yukimura look a little like a gangster. So you can have it or not, it's one of those things that doesn't matter. I have an old tie for Ittoki that I can use for the headband if the one I have in progress isn't finished. So, once again, this really is done.
Most of it now just relies on Sasha finding everything else she needs. And I know she has the coins, has the dress shirt and trousers and...possibly some shoes???

16th June 2013: Majority cut out I have most of the pattern cut out, it's not just pinning stuff together and messing with it on sasha to make sure it's the right size on her. because hers is easy, it's probably gonna get done slower than Masamune and Motochika. Especially with a month to go and those two have more details that make me want to shoot people.
Got the white cut out for Yukimura and masamune, too, so that's good. Damn those two not living with me. Can't measure them from other house.

23rd April 2013: Materials Yukimura is probably the easiest one. I already have a headband in progress, made out of duchess satin, so all I need to make is the jacket. And Yukimura's doesn't have any real details like Motochika's or Masamune's. As much as the concept art said he COULD have the six coins on his back, in most manga scans from the Gakuen Basara books, he never does. It was seen as a little too 'gangster', and, lets face it, Yukimura is far from it (except that one chapter where he tried to be a deliquent).
So, we have the black and white for the jacket, easy enough. No joke, I don't have any comments about making this, really.