Masamune Date
Gakuen Basara

Cosplayer: BakaBakaRangers


Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

8th July 2013: Jacket almost complete Literally. The jacket only needs the buttons and the painting done to the back and then this one is done!
Jessica, so far, has her shirt, trousers, dog tags and chains (possibly) and is borrowing some wrist bands from Micky, as we can't really make any yet.
So, just gotta finish the jacket and we're done!

30th June 2013: Getting closer to completion Just gotta get Jess to try it on and take in anything that needs it and then I can add the collar to it and maybe buttons if I get time. Then just have to paint and then I just need to mess with all the other bits and pops.
The wrist bands worry me, as I need more velcro to sort them. So I also need to bother Jess to buy the rest of the materials that we need. But I'll be taking my extra money out just in case. I mean, both Yukimura and Masamune need buttons (I'm still not sure if motochika needs them, seeing as his jacket isn't supposed to be worn normally. So, we'll see what happens with that at least) and we need all the extra velcro and possibly need paint, depends on how much I have laying around.
Nearly there, though.

16th June 2013: Cut outs Everything for Masamune is cut out, just like Yukimura. Jess gets the easier one, though I need to make sure her sleeves are thick enough so she can roll them up. Either that, or I keep some spare cotton and just sew it on seperately if it comes to it. We'll see how that goes down.
Not got the wristbands done yet, though. Those are pretty easy and can literally be done in about 30 minutes.
White is out and readyyyyy, etc. etc.

23rd April 2013: Materials I have pretty much everything to make Masamune, including some old chains to hot glue together and jersey to make some lovely, simple, wristbands with.
Though, I'm worried about the design on the back. Damn, masamune. It's a little annoying, especially those kinds of designs. It'll definitey take me a while to get right.
But, the materials were simple cottons, for both the inside and outside, so it works. For her, there isn't much, it's just a matter of making sure it all works out and looks okay. But, I helped her find a suitable t-shirt to use and she already owns trousers and some trainers to wear.

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Getti - 5th November 2013
You make an awesome Date!

BakaBakaRangers avatar

BakaBakaRangers - 5th November 2013
Oops! This isn't actually myself, this is a commission I did!
But the user who is wearing this is Yusei-Kitty, you can find her on this website! You should go tell her how you think she looks, I'm really sure she'd love that! Thank you very much!