Jack Harkness - Torchwood





This is the third version of this costume that I have done. Originally it was made up of bought items but gradually I've made improvements to it and eventually made the greatcoat and trousers to look most like the costume on screen.
The greatcoat was the hardest part, taking its toll on no less than 9 sewing machine needles! It's made out of a chenille fabric originally intended for use in upolstery. I chose it due to its colour and that its heavy enough to swish nicely without being too bulky. The buttons I used are all period kings crown RAF as is the belt buckle. The rank slides were bought from ebay but were custom made by the seller from Group Captain shirt slide tape (coats do not have a solid rank tape but rather individual rows).
The trousers are made from a grey twill using a pattern for wedding suit trousers, as they dont have the usual taper and also have turn ups.


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