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I love Asuna's outfit in Sword Art I love them all but I've decide to do her red one in the first half of the series the actual SAO part.

Its red and its white is about it at describing it. This has been bought as my Birthday Pressie however I'm still waiting on it arriving - it was shipped almost a month ago and still no sign.My mum paid £60 for it and then I bought the shoes at £30ish and then bought the sword for around £50. I was hoping I could make the sword but couldn't figure out how to do the hand guard part - still waiting on that arriving too. I had to buy 2 wigs for this one as when my first wig arrived not only did it smell really bad that I had to wash it right away it was bald in the areas were her hair is tied back and after trying to fix that I couldn't plait it back without having the same issues with it so its now my Rei Miyamoto wig so I had to buy another one for Asuna and this one has looks a lot better it also has a thicker plait.

I hope to go to MCM Scotland as Asuna but in all I hope to get to go.


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Progress Journal

10th July 2013

Its getting there

My birthday is now just around the corner and this cosplay is still not 100% but its pretty close now, it fits which is the main thing though I may get it replaced some day (soonish maybe) the stains are almost gone now there are hardly noticeable now the ones that dry cleaners couldn't get out and as for the stockings well I've still got to make them but I'll be doing that after my birthday and I hope to get them done in time to MCM Scotland fingers crossed anyway.

4th June 2013

Update on Asuna Cosplay

I got it back on Saturday to try on and it does now fit enough that I can breathe in it and move in it. As soon as I got it back I took it to a dry cleaners to see if the stains can be removed, it has to go away for a special cleaning and I had to like sign something in case the colours run I'm really worried about that but I won't know if the colours have run or not and I won't find out until a week on Saturday and it will be in the evening as I'm having to send my mum to pick it up as I'm away at a cosplay meet that day.

24th May 2013

Its arrived but

So my cosplay arrived today and well it doesn't quite fit its too small Yeah I know I think I may of made a mistake or they have made one and sent me the wrong size. At least its here despite the flaws with it like it not fitting and the stockings too they don't fit either. Gonna try re-doing them myself soon

21st May 2013

Still Waiting

IT was shipped out on the 29/4/13 and its still not arrived yet - I've bought from the seller before and it my first outfit I bought from them arrived within a week of it being shipped. I'm just starting to get worried - I bought it off ebay and I trust the Seller I've bought 3 of my cosplays from them in the past but this one still hasn't arrived yet and I'm worried as I could loose out well my mum could loose the money she spent on this so I'm going to have to open a case on ebay if its not here by tomorrow.