Hakuei Ren - Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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This cosplay is like a Kimono style outfit. (I'm really unsure how to describe it)

Its pink and pink with a yellow trim and the darker pink.

I'm having trouble finding a wig at the minute.


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Progress Journal

6th June 2013


So Hakuei Ren arrived the other day which I wasn't really expecting it too but not complaining. It all fits expect for the pink 'bodice' part, I can get it on but can't get the zip all the way up without being able to breath well. But I'm really happy with it. I'm just going to be dead though when I wear it next week like I plan too and my mum isn't happy that I got Rinoa so I'm going to be dead wearing that out :/

4th June 2013

Shipped and waiting

Just waiting on her arriving now. The costume was shipped last week, and hopefully it will arrive before next Sat as I hope I can wear her to my meet next week. I do now have her wig and I'm just styling it ever so slightly as she has a very slight fringe and I'm just cutting that in.