Tali'Zorah (Tali'Zorah Vas Normandy (ME2&3)) - Mass Effect




Tali'Zorah is one of my favourite women in the Mass Effect series, and seeing as Mark Meer is going to be at MCM this year, I thought a ME costume was appropriate. The hardest part so far is probably the helmet (mainly wiring the voice activated LED), and all the little leather parts take a while as well. I'm quite a perfectionist, so I've been studying pictures of her trying to scope out every little detail so I can include them in my costume. xD


Kata-san posted on 21 April, 2013 - 00:03
Awesome choice for a first cosplay! Look forward to seeing it at Expo!

ScientistSalarian posted on 22 April, 2013 - 23:36
Thanks! :D See you there! ^_^

gaming_goddess posted on 15 May, 2013 - 03:27
Voice activated LEDS sound mental crazy! Loving the dedication - can't wait to see photos :D Really awesome choice for first cosplay :D

ScientistSalarian posted on 15 May, 2013 - 12:20
Thanks you! I should be putting up al the progress pictures up soon. :)

TheGrackle posted on 13 June, 2013 - 15:12
How did I miss this at MCM? Bummer! You did such an awesome job with the costume. You're clearly going to be an excellent cosplayer and one to watch out for at future cons! Did you paint/print/whatever all of the pattern yourself? Mega impressed :D

Progress Journal

25th May 2013


My costume is ready for MCM London. Unfortunately, the helmet got messed up, but I wasn't to bothered because if I'd worn that ll day I'm pretty sure I would've melted. xD