Meloetta (Aria Forme Lolita Dress) - Pokémon Black 2 and White 2





Second foray into crossplay (although not technically as this Pokémon is genederless). I designed this with both Meloetta and lolita dresses in mind, with the obligatory musical theme attached to this Pokémon. Also took input and ideas from otakugirl.


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Progress Journal

19th April 2013


I created two designs for this costume, the second of which I'm going for; borrowing the sleeves and neck ruffle from the first.

I intend to use her four colours on this, fairly closely positioned as on the character itself with a pastel green wig. The dress will be a predominantly black/dark grey with a white central zone and music bars, with green trim and a green underskirt. Legs and shoes (already got my eye on some) will be white. :)

Really excited for this one to get made. :D