Kirby of the Stars

Cosplayer: ThePheasantHasNoAgenda

Variant: Human -- Star Rod

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

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MMSpectreon - 5th May 2013
Huzzah, Kirby cosplay! If I can make it on the Saturday I'll be sure to look out for you!

MMSpectreon avatar

MMSpectreon - 6th May 2013
I'm not entirely sure if I'll be there on the Saturday yet, but if I can make it I'll probably be Aradia from Homestuck :)
[And thank you! Yes, I'll try to get Fumu done over the summer at some point, and I'll be doing Marx for definite in October.]

Heorot avatar

Heorot - 17th May 2013
Yay for Kirby and King Dedede! Will be looking out for yous for pics ^-^

loramarsden avatar

loramarsden - 23rd May 2013
great idea! very unique and you've done a great job! very cute x