Mokujin - Tekken


Worn at May MCM 2013 and was the brainchild of the brilliant FusionRose!

Siouxsie James posted on 18 April, 2013 - 22:54
Awesome costume choice ^^

Mr. Sat-Ash posted on 19 April, 2013 - 08:39
Oh, good God, yes...

Numta posted on 19 April, 2013 - 10:07
MOKUJIN! as if we wouldn't have you!? lol

Kata-san posted on 21 April, 2013 - 11:20
Thanks guys! A big thanks to FusionRose for the idea!

FusionRose posted on 21 April, 2013 - 13:59
Any time sweetie! You'll look epic!! X

Kyuipo posted on 28 April, 2013 - 03:39
oh my glob. so awsome man :D

Numta posted on 28 April, 2013 - 08:36
looks awesome man and I know you'll get it done in time! =D

Mighty Odango posted on 29 April, 2013 - 21:47
Excellent stuff! Really looking forward to the SFxTekken group, wish I could join in

Siouxsie James posted on 29 April, 2013 - 23:22
Looking good :)

WarriorTeddy posted on 21 May, 2013 - 14:38
great progress. can't wait to see it all shiny and painted =D

Kata-san posted on 22 May, 2013 - 17:57
Thanks all! WarriorTeddy, they're not going to be painted, I went for the "I'm nearly out of time technique" :D

nanahara posted on 27 May, 2013 - 20:19
epicness ^^

JustPeachy posted on 27 May, 2013 - 20:27
This is amazing!! So sad I didn't get to see you in person. Great work :D

dan-dan posted on 27 May, 2013 - 21:14
this was awsome at the expo loved it :)

Mr. Sat-Ash posted on 27 May, 2013 - 22:03

ArcaneArchery posted on 29 May, 2013 - 15:59
Awesome cosplay and was great to see it last weekend. It’s the first time I have seen anyone cosplaying this character

Nesproxy posted on 21 June, 2014 - 08:33
This looks superb. I love the wood detailing. :)

22nd May 2013

Sanding my balls

I have no idea why I keep doing this to myself but my costume is going to be picked up for Expo tomorrow and I just did some spray painting last night. For Mokujins hands I bought some kids plastic balls which deflated quite significantly when I cut the hand holes in them but it actually worked out ok as they are about the right size. I've got LEDs to put in the head and I need to finish sticking the last of the wood effect down and then i'm done. I'm not happy with the finished result but maybe if I use it for another con/expo then I can improve on it a lot. It was just far too rushed. Oh well, onwards and upwards!

19th May 2013

4 days until it's shipped!

Only 4 days left until Mokujins ride to Expo arrives and the chains arrived today. Need to go into town tomorrow (oh crap it's actually today!!!) to get some silver spray paint and some kids plastic balls for hands and spray them up, finalise LEDs in the head and get a fake branch and leaf for the head and then I'm done!!!!!!

29th April 2013

Arms made

Finished the arms and enlarged the head, much happier with the head now. I've run out of foam though, who thought 8 sheets wouldn't be anywhere near enough. The body is hard to put on and take off so I'll need to decide how I'm going to solve that. Also I had forgotten Mokujin has his back carved with writing on it so I will need to do this also but this might make it easier to hide my method of putting it on or taking it off

28th April 2013

First try on of the body

My first picture of the body and the head. The head is looking a bit small so going to make it a bit bigger, good job I just held it together with duct tape. Going to have to pull my finger out, Expo is fast approaching!

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