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New BlazBlue game, new cosplay. This time it's Terumi's original attire. Most of the cosplay is taken from my previous Hazama cosplay, minus the cloak which is made kindly for me by limegreenjelly and CyanideCustard. Thanks again guys, love the cloak, it's sooo swishy! XD

--About the character--
Yuuki Terumi was a former member of the Six Heroes, as well as the creator of the Azure Grimoire. Evil incarnate - no two words could better sum up Terumi so succinctly. Cruel, sadistic, and insane beyond measure, Terumi delighted in the suffering of others, both physically and mentally, and relished pure chaos. He would provoke and manipulate others for his own amusement, and ruthlessly torture anyone who got in his way. He also had a cynical view on life. Before the arrival of the Black Beast, Terumi worked alongside Relius Clover and Shūichirō Ayatsuki on an experiment to examine the Gate. Unfortunately, the Black Beast emerged from the Cauldron, killing Shūichirō and Terumi in the process. Terumi reappeared as a ghost and, with the assistance of Relius, was revived in an artificial body made in his likeness. After his revival, he was attacked by Tomonori, Jubei's brother. Terumi emerged victorious, winning the fight with his signature Nox Nyctores, Geminus Anguium: Ouroboros, and killing Tomonori in the process. Soon after, he was cursed with the spell Ruby: Mind Eater by Konoe Mercury, who used him as a puppet during the battle with the Black Beast. He eventually manipulated Trinity Glassfield, who had feelings for Kazuma Kuvaru prior to his fusion with Terumi, into releasing him from the spell. After his release, he quickly killed Konoe and Trinity, threw their bodies into the Boundary, and proceeded to find Hakumen and Jubei so he could kill them. He was sealed inside the Boundary with Hakumen, only to be released by Takamagahara. Moments after his release, Terumi had appeared at Konoe's sister Celica A. Mercury's church, where a young Ragna, Jin, and Saya lived. Upon arrival, he killed Celica, possessing Jin, using him to burn down the church, cut off Ragna's arm, and abducted Saya. For the rest of his life, Ragna believed Jin to be responsible for this incident. Afterwards he took on the role of captain of the NOL's intelligence time under the alias, Hazama, with Relius at his side.

--Worn at--
London MCM Expo October 2013.

CyanideCustard posted on 11 June, 2013 - 21:39
october expo 2013....do it! me and steph doing jin and noel then ;3

Petchy-mon posted on 9 July, 2013 - 20:47
It shall be done!

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