Frodo Baggins (On the Journey) - Lord of The Rings


I wanted to do a simple costume for my first London con as it is going to also be my first trip to london. Also wanted something subtle as I have to ride 2 buses and a train to get to the Con in costume (That'll be fun). I will buy material and make his cape myself but I will have to buy most of the rest as my sewing skills aren't brill. I will may also make Sting but I don't know whether I'm willing to carry around a prop all day so I don't know yet. I also won't be buying a wig to save expenses and also my hair is the right colour and length so I'll just curl it :)

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Buy Trousers
Buy green material for cloak
Buy Brooch
Buy Hair Spray
Elven Leaf Brooch
3/4 Brown Capris
Brown Waistcoat

Total cost: £0.00

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