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Alcon 2013


I like Jade the most out of the kids, so if I have time this year I may cosplay her. I at least have a wig that'd work

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20th June 2013


Just need to minor adjust my hood at the shoulders and then this is 100% complete. I may in the future go back and refine the hood, as it doesn't have the flaps near the ears, but if after my hopeful test run day I decide it needs the flaps, I'll go back and adjust. Onwards to a new project~

6th June 2013

Just the hood to go

Finished up the shirt today, although the transfer I did, went a bit funny. So currently it's drying since I painted over the pattern with fabric paints. Hopefully be done by the end of the week so I can get it ready for photos and get better ones

3rd June 2013

Bottom half complete

Apart from maybe adjusting the skirt, bottom half of this cosplay is done. Just shirt and hood to go now. Which, the shirt I've already gotten wrong when cutting the back pannel out. Oops.

27th April 2013


So the glasses arrived, and I think I can at least pull her off so mission is go. Just gotta find the perfect fabrics now...

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