Ancient Rome

Cosplayer: RSpanner

Variant: Nyotalia / Fem

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

13th May 2013: More updates~ Aaaah not much time left!! I've gotten my armour primed and sprayed, now it just needs to be fully painted, then find some way to attach it.
I've finished the white under skirt tonight as well, so all I'll have left to do is paint the gold stripes onto the under shirt, paint some weathered detail onto the cape and make some sandals.

I'm starting to wonder if I'll have time to include the sword. I need to find a way to include a scabbard into the design. ;____; DON'T PANIC~

8th May 2013: General updates I've been working on a lot after exams have finished; the cape's hemmed and distressed, the gladiator skirt is complete, and I've been working on a sword.

All that needs work now is the underskirt, the hip armour, the under shirt, the sandals, and a little more on the wig.

Not long to go now so I'm starting to panic, especially since I have another costume to finish before then ;_________;

15th April 2013: Cape progress Roughly using this method for my cape:

I'm going to be sewing up the hole in the back instead of creating an extra piece. I'm happy with the length and how it falls so I'll work on this once I have the materials.

14th April 2013: Finished Chest Plate All pieces put together. The shoulder pads were secured with the same fabric I backed the foam of the skirt.

14th April 2013: Varnished Here are all the worbla pieces of my chest plate after being varnished with Plasti-Kote fast dry enamel.

14th April 2013: Foam Medals Made from craft foam and hot glue. This time I used my smaller glue gun, and ended up burning myself :') I primed the foam with PVA for a coat of gold spray paint.

13th April 2013: Gladiator Skirt While cutting 19 of these craft foam plates for my skirt, I sliced part of the end of my left index finger off :'D haha I got lazy and didn't pay attention, so I deserved it XD

To add support to the foam and to prevent ripping, I glued it to a black felt fabric I picked up at BNQ (it's meant to stop weeds from growing around plants). It was super cheap and is super strong.

I won't cut them out until I've painted and varnished all of the pieces.

13th April 2013: Painting I outlined all of the pieces with black and brown ink (I didn't have these colours in paint), and painted the rest with acrylic paints.

I'm really happy how it turned out, and only needs to be varnished.

13th April 2013: Spray painted I sprayed a base coat of gold to all of the armour.

10th April 2013: Gesso and Detailing I coated all of my armour pieces with white acrylic gesso a couple of times, but on retrospect, I should have coated it more times than I did.

I used a glue gun to add the detailing.

8th April 2013: Trim added I added the trim to the chest plate and shoulder pads with worbla off cuts. I found this tricky at first but got the knack of it as I kept doing it.

4th April 2013: Chest Piece Formed and Trimmed I spent two days shaping all of the pieces together to make the chest plate. This was the first time I've worked with worbla, and I used a stove to heat it. I love the result, and I didn't get any burns which is nice :D

The chest plate was made to split down the middle (both front and back) and be attached with velcro. This is just the left half in the picture.

Once trying it on, I found it was too long for my design, so I trimmed roughly an inch off around the bottom.

3rd April 2013: Worbla pieces Here I laid out the pieces to make sure the foam would fit in between the two worbla pieces, with at least one shiny side facing the foam (so it would adhere to the foam once heated).

3rd April 2013: Chest Plate Pattern I received all the materials need to start, and started work on drafting a pattern for the chest plate. I also used my sister's old (broken) adjustable dress form. This pattern was then applied to foam, and put together on the dress form. Once I was satisfied, I traced and cut all the pieces twice onto my worbla.

Kei Lin Sama avatar

Kei Lin Sama - 29th July 2013
Fantastic armour! You look great!

FullMetal-007 avatar

FullMetal-007 - 26th January 2014
Armour is great =3 awsome costume