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AyaCon 2013




SamanthaKaiba posted on 2 July, 2013 - 14:21
Loving the wig ^_^

To-Do List

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Progress Journal

21st July 2013

Trying the wig again

My boyfriend's Prototype ears are coming along well, we need a bit more refining and then we'll be good to go and cut out of the correct colour foam.

I tried with the wig again
Low Pigtails is what I had planned for Dash, and it looks rather cute, adding a girly element to the tomboy pony lol
I've got her shorts, just need to add the rainbow decoration, then they're done
Her necklace is done, her socks i've had for years, i've got some converse to wear when i'm not in my blades.
Blades are having their red bit repainted blue and then all that's left to do is make and paint my top for her

Then finish off the ears and wings, but then we're all good to go xD
Can't wait! :D

2nd July 2013

Well, Dash is going slowly

But I finished my Necklace!

and I'm getting better on my Blades :D

I have my shorts, I've got the stuff to make the top, I've got the ribbon for the edging on the shorts :D

I'm doing well

26th April 2013


I seriously look like Bambi on ice

I'm gonna need so much practice xD I've not roller bladed in so long and these particular ones are Aggressive skates, not casual ones so the wheels are smaller and stuff

looks like I'll be needing new knee and elbow pads.. the ones I have are too small >>