Ironette Cheerleader (My own spin on the Iron Man 2 cheerleader costume.) - Iron Man Movie




This is the Iron Man cheerleading costume I hand-sewed because no matter what I did to my sewing machine, it couldn't handle it. The shiny lycra fabric easily damages so while I've only worn it once at Telford this year I will probably only wear it once more in May (When hopefully it's warmer).

The costume consists of a crop-top, shorts and skirt and boot covers, all made of red and gold shiny lycra. I'm afraid I didn't take many photos of the creation. But the overall design is dead simple.

Sewing the lycra by hand was actually very easy with the correct thread; I used wooly nylon thread for this costume. I found the easiest way to make the boot covers was to actually keep the boot inside the fabric as you sew. Then when you're done pull the boot out, turn the fabric right ways out and pull over the boot.


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