Cybershade - Doctor Who


1st prize starfury midnight




first worn for starfury midnight convention for the fancy dress parade which i won,about 50 entrants and there were some amazing cosplays, this is the cybershade from the one ep it featured in, "the next doctor" it has the rope that jackson lake and the doctor are pulled along by, also i made a voice changer to give a spooky cyber growl. the hardest part was the sewing and i was still sewing it 5 minutes before i wore it, my mum helped me loads with the fabric parts, i wanted to do a completely covered monster cosplay and as i loved these creatures, it seemed the ideal choice. i get a mixed reaction when i wear it, people are torn between wanting hugs and screaming in fear, it can be a total creep out or a complete laugh , kids are wary at first then are cool once they know your not "real" lol.


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