Cosplayer: FlyingMammal

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

24th April 2013: Butterflys Everything was bought, it's pretty normal clothing.

I may take in the jeans, but think I like them as they are now I have tried everything on.

To make up for the fact I didn't really make any of this costume, and even the wig styling is just quick on the day... I spent 12 hours cutting out 3 different sized butterflys on craft foam - very teedius and but worth it. I then pva'ed the foam to cardboard so it was stronger.

Used this as a 'stamper'. Painted on black fabric paint all over the stamper and stamped...

If I'm honest, the stampers didn't work too well, however that was an annoying blessing. I got a bit annoyed until it all dried and actually the uneven print, I think looks rather good.

Just sent images to the creators of the webcomic and they seem to love it. I am in love right now and sat here in him 2 hours after trying it all on.