Taki (Blue outfit) - Soul Calibur III

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I like Soul Calibur! I figured after Tira I should cosplay one of the characters I'm actually halfway good at playing, and since nobody wants to see me in a Voldo costume, that pretty much leaves Taki, whose fighting style also matches the martial arts I've done. I love her designs anyway, camel toe or no :P

My favourite design is easily the blue one from SCIII, with the samurai face mask. I'm not too keen on wearing huge amounts of red, but I suit blue very well, and I really love the armour designs for this outfit. I'm not usually very keen on having things on or in front of my nose, but hey :P

One of the other advantages of this Taki outfit compared to others is that the armour helps to separate the bust, so I don't have to faff so much about sewing the catsuit to a bra to retain the bust shape. Sadly, seams, which she lacks, are something of a necessity in reality, but I'll go for my usual centre seam to minimise how obvious it is. HOW she has a belly button in that suit I don't know...

I managed to find lycra in a good shade of blue (ie not royal) for this, and I'll be using the matt side of it so it won't be obscenely shiny. Possibly considering vacforming some of the armour.

Will be done when I can actually be arsed with sculpting all those damn faces.

Amy-Lou posted on 14 May, 2010 - 17:11
I think there's a club of us now with SC fabric sitting unused. I very much approve of you being Taki, looking forward to it :)

Sephirayne posted on 19 September, 2010 - 03:45
Really looking forward to seeing this. I'm sure you'll do an epic job. DIY magnets might be to way to go for holding the weapons.

Armour decorations
Gargoyle faces
Buy waraji
Fingerless gloves
Face armour
Leather chest piece
Sew up catsuit

Total cost: £0.00

14th September 2010


Loaded up the game and used the library feature to sketch out the armour details. As ever, there's more small detail than I'd realised - it also doesn't help that SCIII doesn't allow you to zoom in on the lower legs and feet! Assuming that the greaves are much the same design as the bracers, I've now got it all sketched out, but it has made a couple of things clear. Primarily that her weapons don't attach to anything, they just hover somewhere on her lower back >_< and also that her mask is apparently glued to her face, because that lacks attachments too. DAMN YOU GAME DESIGNERS. You can decide to separate the mark into two pieces with fabric connecters, allowing it to move when she speaks, but you can't add in a way for it to actually, you know, stay on her head?! She also has a shield on the back of the leather chest/back piece with an angry face on it, making a total of 8 angry faces on the entire costume. I'm going to see how I get on with Sculpey Ultralight for those to keep them light but still nice and defined.

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