Holo - Spice and Wolf



adamphillip posted on 8 July, 2013 - 15:54
good work with the ears

15th May 2013

Final hurdle

Hurrah, all that's left now is the edge of the waist belt, adjust the sleeves, and then trim down the fringe. Then Holo should be done unless I forgot anything. Hopefully photos will come tomorrow once I've had help with the sleeves, and a full test early next week.

12th May 2013

Makeup test

Because I'd being wanting too, I got around to a late makeup test. Hopefully within a few days the cosplay itself will be finished so I can do a full test. All I have left to to do is finish off the tail, skirt, add trim to waistcoat, adjust the shirt and add it's edging. Then it's the waist belt and try to make the pouch.

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