Cindy Lennox (Bunny Girl) - Resident Evil Outbreak

In Progress


So at somepoint this year this costume is happening! Probably for a private shoot only!

About Cindy:

"Cindy is the most popular waitress at J's Bar, due to her irrestibly bright smile and cheerful disposition. She's helpful, and always thinks of other people first. Being accustomed to the harsh realities of society, she never loses her cool - even in extreme situations."

About the Cosplay:

As far as Resi side stories go, Outbreak is one of my favourites, Cindy is my favourite female char from the game, her personality is very much like mine kind, giving and a shares an appreciation for Playboy Bunnies :).

I'm making the outfit the way Playboy Bunny outfits were traditionally made over a steel boned corset for shape and support, I will make the body out of duchess satin over a homemade corset (as I'm finally getting the hang of making them ^_^). The "bunny" aspects I will equally be making out of duchess satin, nothing but classy fabric for some kick-ass class in zombie killing xD. As I can use my own hair I will be :) no point in faffing with a wig for this one.


gaming_goddess posted on 12 April, 2013 - 22:22
Awwwwww hot damn! Gonna be smoking. I think Aya is turning to smexy con for you Freddie! Amazing. Bunny's are yum yum :) Looking forward to this especially since she's a Bunny with a gun ;p

ryaoki posted on 14 April, 2013 - 11:36
What is that night turning into, sexy uniform night ;D?

2x fishnets with pinstripe
1meter Black duchess satin

Total cost: £0.00

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