The Doctor - tooth & claw
Doctor Who

Cosplayer: keyoto

Variant: tooth & claw episode

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

18th May 2013: tests did a cosplay test yesterday , the wig is wrong,and I didn't wear my binder or make up , but im still happy with the results :D

21st April 2013: suit found! after a lot of looking around I settled on a suit I wanted , the baron boutique one, so I sent off my measurements today , in a few weeks time it will be here, im guessing maybe 6 or 7 , I really dunno , Ill be keeping in contact with the seller to make sure everyone goes ok.

14th April 2013: suit hunting found all the parts I need, and a brown suit ill be buying in a few weeks time, but for now im still looking round before I buy it ,wanna make a good choice on buying my suit first since its the most important part.

HarryKurt avatar

HarryKurt - 18th May 2013
Looking good, Sophie! :D

keyoto avatar

keyoto - 18th May 2013
thanks ! :D so far im only testing this costume, few improvements to make, but happy with the tests so far! :D

DoctorMark10 avatar

DoctorMark10 - 22nd May 2013
That is a great costume :) where did you get the suit from :) please help

keyoto avatar

keyoto - 22nd May 2013
@doctormark10 , the suit was from baron boutique :) cost me about £188

DoctorMark10 avatar

DoctorMark10 - 1st July 2013
Cheers :) costume looking great :)

keyoto avatar

keyoto - 2nd July 2013
no problem and thanks :)