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DOJ-CON 2013



The hat was just a basic royal blue baseball cap from eBay, I bought yellow and blue felt and made the "FF" logo and got a family friend to sew it on. The wig was from a local costume store, I just cut it and styled it. The hammer is a plastic kids hammer, which is spraypainted gold. The gloves are from eBay. The white under shirt is from Primark. The blue shirt is from Primark, but it was a long-sleeved shirt and the sleeves were cut off and used as the two pockets. The "Felix" logo is still to be added. The belt was from TK Maxx. The jeans are from Primark, and the boots are from Deichmann. On the day of the con, I'm going to try and make my nose pink/red...we'll see how that goes!

I can fix it!

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