Aladdin - Magi - Labyrinth of Magic


DOJ-CON 2013


Well actually, I was going to make this cosplay AFTER my Alibaba cosplay, (because I was going to wear it at Doj-con) but then Alibaba turned out horribly wrong ;__;
Also considering I'm smaller than Aladdin say's something..

So, I've rushed into making Aladdin...and It was pretty stressful, because of my area's lack of material providers.

The first wig I got of him was just ruined, so I got a new wig and it turned out alot better *phew*

Also, I wanted his staff, but I went with his flute as I obviously didn't have time to make it.

Because I was in a hurry, I had my teacher help out with his waistcoat and trousers ((hoping to get knew trousers))

For a pretty mushed together cosplay, I'm pretty proud of it.
I'll be making improvement's though, after Doj-con~!

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