Eowyn (Shieldmaiden) - Lord of The Rings




Eowyn's one of my favourite characters, and I've been wanting to cosplay her for a while. Having gotten a white chemise with drawstring sleeves for Christmas, I figured I had no excuse to not do this dress.


Squiddley posted on 10 April, 2013 - 17:26

D2SCosplay posted on 15 April, 2013 - 23:28
You look so like her, this'll be the bombbb <3

Alias Cosplay posted on 28 May, 2013 - 18:12
Great job on this!

hollysocks posted on 29 May, 2013 - 08:23
Thanks so much! =D

WhiteWraith posted on 29 June, 2014 - 11:45
This looks amazing, you look just like her :)