Komugi Nakahara (Version Two!) - Nurse Witch Komugi





A remake of my old Komugi costume, this time for *Comiket*~!!

Going to Tokyo Big Sight and NOT taking Komugi would be a crime. So she's being totally overhauled for when I go to Comiket after WCS!! I'm gonna make her hat for real this time <33

I only managed to salvage the socks and necklace from the original costume, so otherwise the whole thing is remade. As I update this she's not 100% finished, but she will be before I go!! It's came together so much better than expected this time wooop x)

The whole costume is a different take on Komugi (lol) particularly the shoes, but I think it's cute! Hopefully it'll look good all together~!


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