U-boat 1224 (Baby! Ubou) - Japanisches Kaiserreich Mitternacht Marine (Midnight Navy)



Typically i love this comic and the submarines... and this design.
Since it has pretty strict rules on it's main comic content I can't really upload any pictures from the site and I don't know of any fanart really for this version ^^;;

I'm hoping I can decide where I want to wear this costume yet!

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27th April 2013

New wig V2.

Tester with the rest of the cosplay~

27th April 2013

New Wig~

Cut and styled. I love the thickness & colour of this wig (You can’t see it here but there’s a grey gradient on the front) *___*

6th April 2013


stupid photo time with stand alone Prussia wig until my new wig arrives.

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