Eva Unit 01 - Neon Genesis Evangelion





Gonna be for a convention me and a few friends are going to this summer, hopefully, but don't know which one it is XD My first cosplay, so it's gonna be fun making it =)

Hopefully gonna make it from cardboard, papier-mache and acrylic paint mostly, with some black clothes underneath so I can get it on easier ^^ Just started 'making' it now, but I'm very short on cardboard, lol... Starting on the legs, then gonna do the lower body and arms after, to get the easier bits out of the way first. After that i'll probably do the upper arms (complete with bigass shoulders) and the chest, which is gonna be really hard to do... If i've got time after that I'll do a mask for the face, but that might be a bit difficult...

Decided to do Eva because I love NGE, really, plus I thought it'd be more interesting than going as Haruhi Suzumiya or someone 'normal', haha.

Wish me luck, this is going to be difficult! :D


CosMech posted on 23 March, 2011 - 00:15
i wish you luck with your build EVA units seem difficult but i've seen a few :] with hands you can either build your own byusing black gloves then making the armour sections out of card nd glue em down or you can buy like fotball/hockey/golf gloves and edit them :] Very nice plans looks like your well prepared. just remember with cardboard to seal it so if it rains it doesnt get damp and well smush ^^