Seth Nightroad / Augusta Vradica (THORES Artbook) - Trinity Blood

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Pulling this costume back further because I fail at life, woop woop!


I love Seth, she's so cute and enigmatic. I just loved the Empire arc in general~
To be honest I'm not a big fan of green, this shade of green anyway, but I like Seth!

I loved the idea of having a giant hat, now it's starting to haunt me and I have a very complicated relationship with that bloody thing. Don't be surprised if I rage at it and throw it off a tall building one day!

This is also my most expensive costume ever... So I'm trying to take great care in the construction so that I don't muck up and have to go buy more materials ;_;


Demented Kid posted on 4 March, 2009 - 20:04
This will look absolutely adorable on you! Cant wait for progress pictures <3

angel aiko posted on 4 March, 2009 - 23:07
awww awesome i love this seth outfit <3 look forward to seeing it!! and good luck :)

Sephirayne posted on 5 March, 2009 - 02:02
YAAYYY! More TB cosplays. I so can't wait to see. I hope its the first of many.

White Tigress posted on 10 March, 2009 - 14:59
This is gonna be so awesome. Good luck!!!!

Sephirayne posted on 16 June, 2009 - 17:00
We are planning an Empire Trinity Blood group on the sat if you want to join in. There will be quite a few of us. The group details are on

CrystalNeko posted on 16 June, 2009 - 18:39
Wow, I was actually planning on doing Seth for Saturday actually! I'd love to join :D *goes stalk DA group* Thank you for the comment everyone! Hope I don't disappoint *gulp*

Demented Kid posted on 30 June, 2009 - 22:52
Loving the board hat. =O You really need to get more for that? Oo How much does it neeeed?! DX

CrystalNeko posted on 1 July, 2009 - 10:22
I most definitely need more! If you look at the back it's just a random board with a head sticking out 8D; So I need another board to make the back piece. Apparently it takes TWO A1 pieces of mounting board >_____<

OrgXIII-Namine posted on 1 July, 2009 - 10:32
Wooo I can't wait to see her finished! :D Good luck with her back wing thing lol I liek your plan for it ^^ I've got my own plan but I dont think it will work haha Hat looks wiccked so far hunnie <3

Charlie-Bear posted on 19 January, 2010 - 20:01
PWAOOORRR those shoes are AWESOME! Yay for matching shoesis 8D Cant wait to see this done, your gonna pull Seth off perfectly *O*

FrankieEstee posted on 22 January, 2010 - 08:43
Looking fabulous thar~ ;D Can't wait to see this completed! >w<~

Sephirayne posted on 14 February, 2010 - 08:13
So loving those shoes. Your going to so tower over me, lol! Your going to look so fab. I so can't wait to see. XX

NatalieNoodles posted on 3 May, 2010 - 09:41
WANTS THE SHOES *o* It will look amazing when finished! cannot waittt! :D

RebaSephiroth2 posted on 5 February, 2011 - 20:38
I really love your progress as usual. ^_^

ZombieNerdz posted on 24 August, 2011 - 01:53
Thank you so much for your comments Fi~<3 I am so excited to see this!! I'm still planning to eventually do Asta and I say we should totally get some photos together ;D You're going to look amazing!! *A* <3

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Progress Journal

6th February 2011

Hat 20%

Ever so slowly I'm getting there! Did I mention I reeeally hate this hat?

Several pictures here. One to show the general shape of the mounting board. Another to show how I drafted out the shape onto the fabric. Another to show how I marked out the detailing (VERY ROUGHLY) and finally the last one to show the detailing so far.

It's very difficult to do this with limited number of pins (I lost my pin case AND pin cushion containing all my pins...) and I have no embroidery thread either. So I've pretty stuck at this stage for a while!!
Since the last picture I have however used a running stitch along the outside just so it stays in place for the time being. It will be hidden anyway.

Time Taken: 2hrs of complete faffing about

5th February 2011

Hat 10%


After a very long hiatus, the first thing I go back to is the hat!? I don't even know why, I just felt like cracking it, and I hate it. But I managed to get it to sit on my head all by itself! Once I glue the fabric panels on it won't be such a balancing game anymore, I think it's pretty sturdy, but I'm paranoid I might knock it off.

I experimented with buckram, another piece of mounting board, string, etc but in the end, I just gave up, bended the mounting board loads and glued it onto an alice headband. I just want this frickin' cosplay done now orz.

There's shed loads of hot glue on this thing... And I broke my glue gun in the process ;_____;
R.I.P glue gun!! Quite a bit of this costume involves a glue gun... So I'm really going to need one orz. The mini glue gun lasted me a good 3 years as well ;_;

Note to self: Be patient and don't take out your anger on glue guns OTL.

Time Taken: 1hr idk, I may just give up keeping track orz.

4th May 2010

05/05/2010 - Boot covers and armour

Waheeey, I've glued on the buttons for my boot covers as well as glued them onto the actual shoes, I've tried them on as well and I love them <3

I've also started doing all the details on the armour, I'm not so good at handling the glue gun anymore now =_=;;

Costs: 3 packs of buttons (10 in a pack) £5 (I only used like... 16 though!!)
Time Taken: 2hrs

3rd May 2010


I was working on the majority of the armour bar the hat armour (gotta make the frame of the hat first! XD) today. And this includes that God damned floating fence of hers, seriously, why does she have it!? It's frustrating to make @___@

It's a bit smaller than in the reference picture... Because I didn't have enough craft foam to make it full size ;w;

The fence was made using chicken wire for structure and craft foam sandwiching it for the detailing. I may slot in something else to make it even more secure, but haven't quite decided yet.
Plus I don't want to cut out any more chicken wire strips... it hurts ;w; *mourns over scratched hands*

I think I've left my hot glue sticks in the hotel at Minamicon... Because I have none and I remember taking a full pack to Minami... So I gotta go buy some more before I can do any more armour making >_<

I just had to make that floating fence didn't I...

I remade the arm armour as well! I've noticed extra details since I made my first one, and I accidentally burnt one of my originals anyway, it's very unnoticeable but it was annoying me so I went ahead and remade it :P

Time Taken: 2-3hrs approx (I was faffing about all day xD)

2nd May 2010

02/05/2010 - Boot covers!

I've come to discover that my sewing machine really dislikes sewing lycra, but hey ho - got there in the end! Decided to scratch the idea of making cotton drill boot covers and just use the lycra (which was suppose to be for Haine's socks... Sorry Haine ;w; ) - because I was too lazy to sit around pinning the cotton around my other leg when I have half a metre of lycra ready to use XD

I made sure the lycra matched the shade as the rest of the white fabric though, which is does, so I got lucky :3

It's not done yet, it needs to be hot glued onto the shoes which is why it's fitted so awkwardly. But before I do that I need to wait till my buttons arrive from eBay, then I need to do all the gold detailing - and then I can glue them onto the shoes!!

I also haven't pulled them up properly, I was lazy! XD

Time Taken: 1hr
Costs: I can't remember how much the lycra costed ;w; I'll look at my receipt later...

Jesus Christ my hair looks long now xD;; I lose track of how long it is!

2nd May 2010

02/05/2010 - One undecently short skirt coming right up!

Yes it's as short as it looks... It's around 12" long I think!
However, it covers my butt, so it's fine for me :P (I'm wearing tights and I have that long ass train and lace train behind me, it's fineeee!!)

It's your average circle skirt but then folded over so that it's all puffy. I used knife pleats to sew it to the hem. Then I made a waistband for it so that no raw edges could be seen. Finally I used elastic to hold it up, I thought a zip would lose the effect and would be pretty damn useless anyway for this kind of skirt.

Costs: 1.5m White polycotton drill £5.99
Time Taken: 1-2hrs

4th April 2010

04/04/2010 - Traaaain

Lol, I was being a bit of a pinhead when making this. My original plan was to make a bodice and extend it to one long train - basically like my Garnet cosplay. I didn't do this though, I made like a waist cincher type thing and extended it therefore I can't attach the armour onto it ROFL. So I gotta alter it so that it's a proper bodice now xD (Good thing the train is reeeeally long so it doesn't matter if I alter it!)

So... I went through 5-6 designs on paper to see how I should make it. In the end I made it into an egg kind of shape and tried to make it as full as possible without it draping too much over each other.

I completely remade the train from cotton drill because my original one wasn't full enough in my opinion, so I'm much happier with this one :3 (This means I can use my old train and make a second boot cover, waheeey 8D - I think I've done enough sewing for tonight though orz)

When I sit down it makes a circle kind of shape 83
This is the shape I was after in the end result so waheeeey!!!

Costs: 3.75m white cotton drill £15
Time Taken: 1-2hrs

Errr, still need more fabric dammit!! Gotta buy more for that poof of a skirt she has! Whyyyyy!? D:

28th February 2010

28/02/2010 - Pipes!

I'm one step closer to making that darn floating fence... Bought 2m of clear PVC pipes (Yes, I also bought some for Hao. It's cheaper if I combined the shipping so I bought them altogether!).

I have a feeling this cosplay is going to kill me...
I said to myself I would get to work on her hat this weekend as well but clearly I haven't done that LOL. Ooooh dear...

Costs: £4.59

14th February 2010

14/02/2010 - Backlog

I&#039;m incredibly bored and don&#039;t want to sleep, so I figured I should update this :&#039;D

This was originally kept to my LiveJournal only because it wasn&#039;t that much progress, but may as well log everything here anyway!

Making the dress took far too much time, but at least now I&#039;m improving on making fitted things! TOO fitted in fact, I am in dire need of a zip for this dress for it is a killer to take off XD; (I can just about get it on without hurting myself LOL)

Anyway you can see what the dress looks like so far and how my bodice armour looks all painted (it&#039;s been painted for ages now, like I said previously I&#039;m not happy, it needs a respray).
Since that progress photo I&#039;ve made one sleeve, need to make the other then I&#039;ll post another photo! ^_^

Costs: £1.75 for green thread
Time Taken: 2-3hrs


26th January 2010

26/01/2010 - Tights

I love you Primark. Thanks to Primark I am now in ownership of some red tights <3 (I went in there for something else though... Which I could not find >_>;; )

Costs: £2

21st January 2010

21/01/2010 - Boot covers

Two days have passed since I've had these shoes... AND I LOVE THEM EVEN MORE!
They make my legs look skinnier *O* <3333

Ahem, so here is one boot cover I've made so far. I don't have enough scrap fabric to make the other one. Another trip to Fabric Land is needed but I can't afford to go till probably after Midlands Expo! So I'll be stuck with progress for a while (Maybe I should get to work on the green jacket or hat... Naah 8'D)

These boot covers were the most painful boot covers I have ever had to make (Then again, I've only ever made 3 before, this is my 4th). Once again I insisted on making it out of the matching fabric of the costume, which happens to be non-stretched fabric. So once again I had a bit of difficulty, but this time it wasn't just a bit. It was VERY difficult because they were thigh high!

I cut out 2 long rectangles at first and covered the actual shoe part first. Pinned it, and sewed it together. Easiest bit done, the hardest part was getting it to cover my leg! The front bit was pretty much straight all the way up the leg, it was the back bit which would no doubt give me the most problems, I spent ages pinning it and drawing on the lines where the zip would go. This actually took me around an hour or two (computer distracted me) because I didn't want it to crinkle much so it took a while to make it perfect.
They still need to be fitted at the bottom, I did that after the picture was taken - I took the picture while I still had it on because I needed to see if it would fit before doing any adjustments!! Least they fit well around the upper calf area 8D;

Time Taken - 2hrs
Costs - 2 22" zips £4.90 (They were £2.45 each X_x; Stupid overpriced local fabric shop...)

P.S. No that is most definitely not the skirt I will be wearing. It's a pleated skirt I made for Kahoko last year, for picture purposes only.

19th January 2010

19/01/2009 - I FEEL TALL!


My only problem with these shoes is walking down stairs... Scariest thing ever when wearing these shoes DD8
Now I can make the boot covers providing I can find the leftover polycotton drill lying around... I dumped it somewhere and can't remember where I put it 8D;

Costs - £21.51

31st December 2009

31/12/2009 - Train

Loool I started this... But then ran out of fabric =_=;;
I bought 2m of polycotton drill from FabricLand in Bristol and that still wasn't enough... Will have to wait a while before I can work on it again >_<;;

Costs: £8
Time Taken: 30mins

18th December 2009

18/12/2009 - Make-up test 1

Bought some Stargazer eyeshadow the other day that was on sale in New Look, decided to try it out :'D

I think I need some fake lashes because it looks like they don't exist loool, stupid short eyelashes >o>
I added a bit of colour to my cheeks and lips as well but my bangs are kinda covering the tint in my cheeks, and excuse the fact that I had just taken off a wig so I have... wig-hair? xD

I need to get more facial make-up as well, making my face slightly less tanned would make me happy because Seth is vampire and vampires do not tan!

But yeah, enjoy make-up test 1 |D

Cost: Red Stargazer eyeshadow £1.50

7th November 2009

07/11/2009 - More solvents

Harharhar, I&#039;ve bought more solvents I mean... spray paints for myself. Just ordered 4 cans of gold spray paint for the armour. It&#039;s called Aztec Gold for Ford cars (yes, it&#039;s car paint. I only ever buy car spray paint because I can trust they&#039;re good lol!). Now I can guarantee I won&#039;t run out of paint when spraying the rest of the armour!

Err yeah, that&#039;s the only progress I&#039;ve been making lately... as well as buying all the fabric.

4 cans of spray paint - £21.96 (£5.49 each)

17th August 2009

17/08/2009 - Fiona sucks at spray painting!

asbdsdalhguiw I was fine with my Steiner armour alright? Bursting with confidence I went ahead and spray painted my Seth armour just like I did with Steiner, guess what? IT CAME OUT INCONSISTENT! AAAAAARGH [Note to self, let father handle these matters from now on. He knows what he's doing]

The arm armour is -okay-, might give it another spray once it's dried a bit. THE BODICE ARMOUR FRICKIN' SUCKS! It's not even fit for human eyes therefore the first coat will never be seen here on Cosplay Island =P I'll ask my father tomorrow if he can help me out with it lolol~

But here's progress on the arm things! It's not very consistent and the lighting blanks out the real colour on one of them buuut it's something.

Cost: Spray paint £5.49
Time Taken: 20mins, most of it was shaking the can XD; [Gold spray really is harder to mix >_<;]

The can lies, the gold paint was supposed to be lighter. HOWEVER it's a more accurate colour which makes me happy <3

16th August 2009

16/08/2009 - ...

I've burnt a bit of my arm armour... DESPAAAAAAAIR! *goes hang self*

I've coated it with three layers of PVA now (as well as the bodice armour - I haven't forgotten about that yet!). I'm going to see what it looks like once it's spray painted. If it's obviously burnt and aggravating then I'll remake it. (Have to buy some spray paint sometime next week...)

P.S. The despair bit was a Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei reference. I'm not emo... honest! XD

Time Taken - 1hr [it takes a long time to wait for each layer of PVA to dry!!]

And if you were wondering why the heck I was burning my craft foam - It's because some of the hot glue wasn't smooth therefore I used a lighter (too lazy to turn on cooker xD) and heated up the hot glue, I was too busy staring at the hot glue to melt and didn't pay attention to the craft foam itself. DESPAAAAAAAIR *hangs self again*

15th August 2009

15/08/2009 - Arm armour 80%

Been having a craft foam day today lol!

I spent ages studying Seth's design. Most of the time taken was pretty much mindlessly staying at the artwork, trying to get every little squiggle correct! I -think- I've succeeded but nevertheless I'm very happy with the design!!

Craft foam with hot glue for the details... yeaaah that's it xD;

I did a bit of maths to work out the correct proportion. Measured the length of her arm and the size of the armour. So I can proudly say that the armour is -perfectly- in proportion to my own arm, because I'm a perfectionist like that ;D [*cough* And because I'm a maths nerd *cough*]

Decided to give two pictures so you can see my messy pencil markings too lolol. The hot glue appears to be really messy, and it is because controlling that darn glue gun is fiddly! But her design isn't perfectly straight so I can let it slide 8D;;

I've covered it with a layer of PVA so far - got to let it try and add on the next two layers then I can spray paint. My favourite bit >8D

Time Taken - 2hrs
Cost - A3 craft foam 80p

9th July 2009

09/07/2009 - Bodice 60%

Working with craft foam armour reminds me of how much fun I had when working on my Steiner [FFIX] cosplay, I&#039;VE MISSED IT SO MUCH! *_* My fingers disagree though, my right thumb especially is suffering from hot glue burns, guu~!

I made the bodice the same way I would with normal fabric - three panels and glued them together with white polycotton scraps to hold it together securely. The raised details are from hot glue and I&#039;ve left gaps for the blue/green spots which will be added on later using good ol&#039; tulip 3D paint which I will buy from the local craft shop sometime.

Now that the base is done I can have fun covering myself I mean... the bodice in PVA &gt;8D
Time to go buy some gold spray paint, more money spending X_X

To attach it onto the dress there is velcro on the back, yay for velcro! 8D

Time Taken - 1hr
Cost - Two pieces of A3 craft foam £1.60

P.S. Yes I realize that one side do not have rings on the edges, I forgot to do so before I took the progress pic &gt;_&lt;;

30th June 2009

30/06/2009 - Hat part 1 + planning

I swear I'm a masochist... I've spent hours and hours trying to find reference pictures of Seth seeing as she has her arms and shoulders covering quite a few details, she looks different in every single artwork aaaargh! Why didn't I cosplay Asta, or Esther even!? I CAN SEE THEIR DETAILS CLEARLY >8O

Sooo I made use of the mounting board I bought and made half of the base of the hat. Why half? Because apparently it's so big it needs 2 A1 sheets of mounting board O_____o Sadly I only bought one sheet so I'll be going off to buy more when I next go into town! Even the hat was a pain to plan out. I was sat for quite a while on paint working out the proportions and scribbling down notes [on paint |D] so that I could work out how big it would be on my head.

I'm holding it in the photo I know, I don't want to glue it onto my headband until it's fully decorated in case anything needs adding to. But I do have a black headband for it ^_^

Time Taken - 30mins
Cost - £4 for A1 mounting board
£2 for black headband

Might work on the armour tonight if I can be bothered, I have tons of craft foam at the moment xD!

19th June 2009

19/06/2009 - PLANNING: Floating fence

I know that if I don't write this down now then I will forget and be all "OMG I NEED HELP AHHHHH". If I write it down on paper I'll lose it, and if I write it in a word document there's a chance I'll forget about it |D

My original plan was to construct it out of PVC pipes because then I can make it completely detachable. However the problem with this is that although they are very light with 6 tubes it is bound to become heavy and bring down my costume.

Therefore my new plan is to make it out of layers of craft foam for the connector followed by more strips of craft foam which will be inserted into the middle of the connector seeing as it will be double layered to get the thickness. This will make it nice and light yet still detachable!

To make it float I asked on the thread and they showed me some CLEAR PVC pipes, ZOMG! Never knew they existed 8DDDD
That made me happy, so I will construct it like wings by making a backpack harness to go under my costume which will then have tubs connecting to the floating fence and because it's clear hopefully it won't be so obvious.

My only problem is sourcing said clear PVC pipes! I know they definitely exist in America but must go hunting in the UK shops first ='D

This will be one beast of a prop X_X